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For Wright, poetry ‘brings forth possibility, ‘the greatest good.’
— Harris Feinsod

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Thankfully, we have writers like C.D. Wright to helps us see the world for both what it is and what it could be, and the account of a woman like V to let us know the great courage that is available to us all.
— Jessica Jacobs

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Selected from over 20 years of twangy, cantankerous, and ecstatic occasional writing, C.D. Wright’s first book of (mostly) nonfiction prose testifies to the poet’s belief that ‘Poetry seems especially like nothing else so much as itself. Poetry is not like, it is the very lining of the inner life.’
— Brian Teare

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Expertly elliptical phrasings, and an uncounterfeitable, generous feel for real people, bodies and places, have lately made Wright one of America’s oddest, best and most appealing poets.
— Publishers Weekly