Translations and Fine Editions 

Translated into Spanish by Antonio Alarcón
Libros de Resistencia (Madrid, 2018)

Translated into Norwegian by Gunstein Bakke
Semlaget Press, Oslo, Norway, 2012

Translations into Chinese by Liang Lizhen, Wang Xiaoni and Yang Lian
The Rainbow Bridge Poets Gathering at the Slender West Lake


Poem with black etchings and visual accompaniments that evoke the violence, corruption, and destruction in post-Katrina New Orleans.
Brown Ziggurat Press, 2011


Translated into Spanish by Valerie Mejer & Isabel Cadenas
2012 Editorial, Mexico City, Mexico, 2012

Translated into Slovenian by Jernej Županič
Beletrina, 2015

Prisoner of Soft Words
Translated into Swedish by Niclas Nilsson
Wahlström & Widstrand 2013

Words and the World Series
Chinese University Press, 2012

Mill Mountain Press, 1976

Mill Mountain Press, 1976

Horse Less Press, 2012

Smithsonian Books, 2013

Photographs by Deborah Luster
With a contributing essay by C.D. Wright
Light Factory, 1999